Alexander Green Receives Gold Fellowship
Through the Veil of Language: Addressing the Hidden Curriculum to Promote Quality, Safety and Humanism in the Care of Patients with Limited English Proficiency

 When seeking health care, everyone deserves to be cared for by professionals with whom they can communicate well and establish trust, and who will ultimately ensure that they receive the highest quality, safest care possible. However, for people who do not speak English well, this is very often not the case. In fact, the communication barriers faced by people with limited English proficiency (LEP), lead to frequent misunderstanding of diagnosis,treatment, and follow up plans, inappropriateuse of medications, lack of informed consent for surgical procedures; high rates of serious adverse events, and a lower quality health care experience compared <more...>

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Lisa Iezzoni Chairs Committee that Recently Submitted Recommendations to the U.S. Access Board
MDE Advisory Council makes recommendations to increase accessibility of medical diagnostic equipment to patients with disabilities
MIHP Welcomes Vicki Fung
MIHP is delighted to welcome Vicki Fung, PhD, who joined our faculty in April 2013...