Multiple Sclerosis by Lisa Iezzoni published Spring 2010

Multiple Sclerosis, written by Dr. Lisa Iezzoni, MIHP director, was published in Spring 2010 by Greenwood, an imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC (Santa Barbara, CA). The book is part of the Biographies of Disease series, which produces scientific volumes about different diseases written specifically for high school and junior college students. Dr. Iezzoni’s book begins by introducing the central nervous system and describing how MS affects the brain and spinal cord. She then reviews the early understanding of MS, how it was first recognized as a disease, and discoveries that have endeavored to explain its causes. Dr. Iezzoni explores the current epidemiology of MS in the U.S. and worldwide, describes its signs and symptoms, and reviews treatment options. Throughout the book, Dr. Iezzoni introduces stories from persons living with MS. The book concludes by discussing various factors that affect patients’ lives in their homes, families, and communities.

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